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TMA Council of NJ Newsletter

Winter 2018

While Mother Nature toys with NJ, TMA's across the state are busy working to improve mobility and sustainability - in snow, sleet, sunshine, and rain. In this issue, we share with how they are accomplishing these tasks.

HART Program Refurbishes In Street "Stop for Pedestrians" Signs


HART, the transportation management association serving Hunterdon County, is providing Hunterdon municipalities replacement parts and decals to rehabilitate and refurbish in-street "Stop for Pedestrians Within Crosswalk" signs for use at pedestrian crossings.

"The signs are an important, visible reminder of New Jersey's crosswalk law and play an important role in pedestrian safety, says Tara Shepherd, HART executive director. "The signs do get damaged," she notes. "But, in most cases, the signs don't need to be completely replaced. They can simply be refurbished with new upright panels or decals," she explains.

HART has provided signs to Hunterdon municipalities in the past using grant funding from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety. Complete sign set ups can cost up to $300 per unit.

“The refurbishment approach is a much more cost effective way to keep the signs out longer within the community, says Tara Shepherd, HART executive director.

Interested municipalities contact the HART office to arrange pick up of needed materials. Municipal staff perform all work to rehabilitate signs.

TransOptions Celebrates President John Ciaffone’s Retirement and 18 Years of Leadership & Service

TransOptions TMA

After nearly two decades at the helm of TransOptions, President John F. Ciaffone will be retiring on January 2, 2018. In December, he was celebrated for his dedication to shaping TransOptions as it has grown and expanded over the last 18 years into the organization we know today.

TransOptions will welcome a new president, Daniel Callas in 2018. Callas, currently TransOptions’ managing director, has been appointed by TransOptions’ Board of Directors to succeed retiring president Ciaffone.

Ciaffone was acknowledged for his legacy of outstanding leadership at TransOptions and given a proclamation on behalf of the Morris County Freeholders presented by Freeholder Kathryn A. DeFillippo.

"There has been so much done at TransOptions with John as its leader and along with the staff that has made them a phenomenal partner for the county," said DeFillippo. "It is our pleasure to give you this resolution to honor your 18 years doing the great work you have done for TransOptions and the county and we wish you the best in your retirement."

The freeholders, in their resolution, stated: “Whereas, during his tenure, TransOptions’ school-based programs have reached over 5,000 students annually, and transportation demand management programs have pulled thousands of vehicles off of our roads, and municipal streets have been made safer thanks to TransOptions’ Street Smart NJ program – all successful efforts that absolutely show that John is truly deserving of this recognition;

“Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, the Board of Chosen Freeholders, Morris County, New Jersey, recognizes John F. Ciaffone’s dedication, devotion and outstanding service to the citizens of Morris County and Northwest Jersey as President of TransOptions."

Morris Plains Council President, Suzanne B. McCluskey presented Ciaffone with the key to Morris Plains and board members of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of ACT (Association for Commuter Transportation), Jesse Kafka and Frank Mongioi Jr., presented John with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

"We thank you for your dedication to the association and your work here in northern New Jersey," said Kafka.

Ciaffone took a moment to thank everyone present and mentioned all the organizations and community partners that work to improve quality of life in the area. He also thanked the board and staff for their dedication and service as he reflected on his time at TransOptions.

"I'm going out on a high note, I'm going out with a great staff. I think we have a lot of great accomplishments and I think it'll be great in the future," said Ciaffone. "As I tell my staff all the time, change is not bad, change is good."

Board Chair, Bob Altieri and Board Vice Chair, Pam Fischer congratulated Ciaffone and wished him a well-deserved and happy retirement.

"He's gone to great lengths to makes sure TransOptions was left in a better place than we he came on board 18 years ago," said Altieri. "And if you look around this room and look at all the employees that are here with TransOptions, you're here because of John's commitment to making TransOptions better and the best it can absolutely be.”

"He's not only an amazing leader, a great motivator, a true collaborator but he's also just a good guy," said Fischer. "I cannot tell you how much this organization has grown because of John. I was there when it was just starting through Morris Tomorrow and it's been amazing.

Regional + Community Shuttles Now on Google Transit!

Cross County Connections TMA

In order to enhance convenience and help ridership grow, Cross County Connection has partnered with Google to include all Cross County Connection Transportation Management Association shuttle routes, stops, and transfer points within the Google Transit database! Now, when someone searches for public transportation options for their commute using Google Transit, Cross County Connection shuttle buses appear as options alongside NJ TRANSIT bus and rail services. Those of you who use Google Maps, may be familiar with Google Transit.

If not, below is a quick run through of Google Transit’s features and how it provides shuttle information to passengers. Open Google Maps and click ‘Directions’. Simply click on the transit icon to access Google Transit. Next, type in the origin and destination of your trip as you would normally for driving directions. Then select the time you would like to take your trip. You can adjust your trip by setting the timeframe to “leave now, arrive by or depart at.” Once you have entered this information, hit ‘Get Directions’. If your trip is within a reasonable distance of the Pureland East-West Community Shuttle, the Route 54/40 Community Shuttle, BurLINK bus service or the English Creek-Tilton Road Community Shuttle routes, they will be listed in the results alongside NJ TRANSIT bus and rail services. Getting around Southern NJ just got a whole lot easier! For more information on the regional community shuttles serving southern New Jersey, please visit Cross County Connection’s web content at:

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